What is complyND

ComplyND provides the University with a digital solution that allows the assignment and tracking of required campus compliance training and safety inspections.

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How do I access complyND?

There are multiple ways you can access complyND: comply.nd.edu, InsideND/My Resources, Human Resources, or Risk Management & Safety websites.

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What browers can be used with complyND?

The supported browsers for complyND are the following:

  • Internet Explorer 10 and 11

  • Mozilla Firefox 32 and higher

  • Chrome 38 and higher

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What user credentials do I need to access complyND? 

Log in to complyND using your NetID and Password. 

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Who will be using complyND?

  • Training and Inspections Administrators – Develop, assign, and manage training courses and inspections

  • ND Leadership –Reporting tool for compliance tracking

  • Supervisors/Managers

    • a. Assign and track compliance training for their individual trainees

    • b. Mitigate compliance items and track inspections

  • Faculty/Staff/Students –Complete compliance training as required

  • Department Contacts - Assign dotted-line supervisor/employee relationships

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Who is my Department Contact?


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How do I know I need to take a course?

When a course is assigned to you, you will receive an email letting you know that you have training to complete.

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What if I don’t take the training by the due date?

To ensure all Notre Dame employees are getting the appropriate safety and compliance training in a timely manner, any training not completed by the assigned date triggers the system to email your supervisor.

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Why did I receive 2 overdue emails?

Two emails will be sent the day after the training is due.  One will be sent to you and the other will be sent to your supervisor with a carbon copy to you. 

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If my test score is less than satisfactory, can I take it over?

It depends.  Most courses are set up to allow for multiple attempts to pass the tests.  If you still do not pass after multiple attempts or if the course does not allow for multiple attempts, the course can be reassigned by your supervisor and/or training administrator. 

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Is there any way for me to see my scores and what course I’ve completed?

Yes, you have access to a Course Completion report in the My Trainings tab of complyND.

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I am using Vivid for my training courses, can I continue to use this?

Vivid will be transitioned to complyND in late 2015.  

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Does this replace Endeavor for training?

Only those classes that are considered a compliance requirement will be moved from Endeavor to complyND. You will still be able to enroll in general education classes through Endeavor.

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What if a training hasn’t been assigned to me but I need to take it? 

Contact your supervisor to ensure all training has been assigned to you in complyND.

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How do I submit my completed course?

Once you complete the course don’t forget to click the green check mark in the upper right corner.

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Do I receive a certificate for my trainings and where can I find it?

If the course you take requires certification, you will be able to print the certificate from complyND.  In complyND go to the Course Completion Report, search for the course associated with the certification.  Scroll to the right until you see the Print Certification column.  Click Print

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Who will see my test scores?

All scores can be reviewed by university leadership, the department conducting the training and your supervisor(s). 

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Who assigns training?

Training will be assigned by your supervisor or a Training Administrator

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I am a supervisor - how do I know what trainings to assign? 

For campus safety needs - Complete your Campus Safety needs assessment.  Call Risk Management for more information.  Find the Training Needs Assessment/Matrix here.  Click on the link and download/open the excel document. All other trainings will be assigned by a training administrator.

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What University trainings are needed?  Training Needs Assessment/Matrix

Find the Training Needs Assessment/Matrix here.  Click on the link and download/open the excel document.

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I am not a Notre Dame employee, how do I get training?

You will need to request a university NetID affiliate account. Contact your direct supervisor to obtain a University NetID.  Your supervisor will then request a dotted-line supervisor relationship from a Departmental Contact and assign the necessary training to you.

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If I don’t complete a course, will it save my work so I can start where I left off?

It will save you progress if you click Save & Close.  It will not automatically save your work.

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Who sees my submitted course feedback responses?

A committee of training course builders comprised of Human Resources, Campus Safety and Athletics.

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